What are... Bonds

Bonds are securities issued in a serial manner. They are a way for the issuer to incur receivables, and their issuer declares itself as the bondholder's debtor, at the same time committing to perform a specific performance within a fixed period of time. This benefit is of a pecuniary nature. Bonds are classified as debt financial instruments, they are a variation of the capital market instrument. The bond issuer aims to raise capital from bondholders. The goal of bond buyers is to obtain the right to interest income and return the principal within the assumed period. Investing in bonds does not entail the right to receive dividends or co-ownership, as is the case with shares. Usually, the buyer of the bonds has the right to sell them to another investor. It is worth mentioning briefly the types of bonds. Treasury bonds, corporate bonds and municipal bonds can be distinguished. Another division is the one taking into account the redemption date. It includes short-term, medium-term, long-term, and perpetual bonds. The Webinar Universe platform will provide valuable information for those looking to enter the investment market. Online training courses are designed for both beginners and experienced investors. The positive feedback about Webinar Universe speaks for the fact that this platform is worth using.

How to invest...

Before deciding to invest in bonds, it's important to know some basic information. One of the key concepts is the redemption date, i.e. the fixed moment at which the amount equal to the nominal value and accrued interest is returned to the bondholder. The nominal price is the value of the bond that the issuer must return to the bondholder when redeeming the bond with interest. The purchase price is the price paid by the buyer for the bond. Interest rate is the percentage calculated from the nominal price that the bondholder will receive. The interest period, on the other hand, is the time during which interest on bonds is accrued. Bond yields are the rate of return on investment in bonds. Treasury bonds can be purchased in several ways, m.in through a dedicated website or participation in an investment fund. Bonds issued by companies are purchased on the primary market - directly from the issuer - or on the secondary market - through a brokerage house or office, as well as through an investment fund. It is also worth checking out the Webinar Universe trainings - online trainings that provide information from the world of investments.


Risk assessment

Bonds, unlike stocks, are debt securities, not shares. Therefore, the buyers do not buy the rights to the company. It is important to remember that even the riskiest type of bond, i.e. corporate bonds, is safer than stocks. Again, however, a higher profit is associated with a higher investment risk. You should always be aware of the possibility of making a loss. Potential risk can be lowered by diversifying your portfolio. The bonds are primarily burdened with risks related to the reinvestment of interest received, price changes and the issuer's credit stability. For more information, please visit Webinar Universe. This online training learning platform is designed for anyone entering the investment market. Webinar Universe training will also provide valuable information for experienced people who want to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Pros and cons

The advantage of investing in bonds is their simplicity. The whole process is not complicated and should be handled by anyone. Despite the fact that investment risk is always present, it is relatively low compared to investing in stocks. In the case of treasury bonds, it is worth mentioning that there is no need to service the investment. Corporate bonds have a more attractive interest rate than Treasury bonds. Another plus is the low barrier to entry – no large capital is required – as well as low investment costs. The disadvantages of Treasury bonds are the need to freeze capital in the case of long-term bonds and the low potential returns on investments. On the other hand, the most important disadvantage of investing in corporate bonds is the higher investment risk than in the case of treasury bonds. Therefore, everyone has to assess for themselves whether investing in bonds is the right solution for them. Before deciding to invest in any asset, you should supplement your knowledge so that you do not make a costly mistake. The Webinar Universe platform is a training platform for both people who are just starting their adventure and want to learn the basic concepts related to investments, as well as experienced people who want to stay up to date with new developments on the market. Reviews about Webinar Universe are positive, so it's worth taking a look at what the platform has to offer.

Investing in bonds is popular among people wondering about the most advantageous form of investment. They are not devoid of risk, but it is less than in the case of stocks, for example. Before that, of course, you need to acquire the basic knowledge to make sound investment decisions. For example, they will provide it with online courses.