• Technical analysis – how to understand it?


    There are two basic methods of analyzing financial instruments. It's technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The former focuses on charts and price movements in a nutshell. Beginner traders may feel discouraged by the multitude of methods of trading in the financial markets, so it is enough to learn about technical and fundamental analysis at the very beginning. Technical is the preferred choice in the Forex market. It is an over-the-counter market whose main feature is liquidity – it operates continuously twenty-four hours a day, five days a week and mainly includes transactions made through banks.

  • Investment Strategies – VSA


    The market possessed booming investment methods. Using the best strategies is crucial to achieving good results. One of them is Volume Spread Analysis, which consists of advanced market analysis. Its assumption is to observe the volume of trade and prices that are dynamically changing.

  • Investment Strategies - Supply and Demand


    The world of investment is full of many strategies, giving you opportunities to make a potential profit. One of the best methods is Supply and Demand. This is an effective strategy that can help you achieve investment success.

  • Investment Strategies – Scalping


    Searching for effective investment methods is essential for investors. One of the well-known strategies is scalping, which aims to observe and execute actions in the short term, in order to make small profits.

  • Investment Strategies - Price Action


    In the competitive forex market, finding the right analysis tools is crucial for traders who want to achieve their goals. The price action strategy is characterized by simplicity and the use of only price action. Combined with the selection of a good good, this strategy can play a key role in becoming a powerful tool in the hands of an investor.

  • Investment strategies – what else should you know?


    When starting your adventure with investing, it is important to understand the diversity that exists in the market. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the benefits and risks of a given strategy.

  • Investment portfolio - what should you know?


    In the ever-evolving world of finance, an investment portfolio plays an important role, which can be the key to achieving financial success. Why...?

  • CFDs – What Do You Need to Know?


    More and more people are interested in investing their funds, because multiplying their capital can provide better losses to loved ones and create the so-called safety umbrella. Unfortunately, bank deposits or other forms of savings offered by banks are becoming less and less attractive, hence the search for alternative options. One of them is CFDs, which can be suitable for beginners and experienced people.

  • CDF contracts – what should you also know?

    in 26-04-2024

    Contracts for difference are popular financial instruments in which an increasing number of people are investing. This is related to the possibility of obtaining considerable profits, while limiting the use of one's own capital. This means that virtually anyone can invest in CFDs.