What is the difference between investing, saving, and speculating?

The difference between investing, saving, and speculating is very important. Knowledge of it is crucial for investment goals and aspirations. Investors who don't know the difference often burn out quickly or get in trouble with the law. This issue is discussed during the online training on the aforementioned learning platform.

Investing involves investing current funds in securities or tangible assets in order to earn income at a specific time. Investments need the right goal, time, knowledge, and a good dose of discipline. An investor should know that his investment may be subject to price fluctuations, that he may lose on it, but also gain.

Saving, on the other hand, is about safely accumulating funds for the future. The savings don't change. And above all, they are not threatened by any financial risk unless hyperinflation occurs. The safety aspect is important in saving.

Speculation, on the other hand, is the equivalent of gambling in the financial world. A speculator in this field looks for opportunities to make quick profits from short-term fluctuations in the price of a particular asset or investment.

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What is strategic investing?

Strategic investing is an approach to investing that involves long-term planning and making investment decisions based on specific goals and strategies. It can include different types of investments, such as investments in stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, and other assets. Strategic investing can also involve analyzing various factors, such as market conditions, economic trends, as well as the investor's goals and needs.

Strategic investments are aligned with the strategic development plan of a company or organization, including governments. They can achieve both medium-term and long-term goals. They are key activities for the achievement of the investor's overall goals. The aim is to enable the company to maintain and strengthen its position in the market, and to enable the country to increase its importance in global markets.

Public Interest Investing

Public interest investing - this is a type of investment that aims to serve the public good. It can include different types of investments, such as investments in public infrastructure, education, healthcare, environmental protection, and other areas that are important to the community. These investments are often financed by the government or other public institutions Investments of public interest are activities of local (municipal) and supra-local (county, voivodeship and national) importance, as well as national (including international and supra-regional investments) and metropolitan (including the metropolitan area), regardless of the status of the entity undertaking these activities and the sources of their financing.


Public objectives are usually m.in:

  • allocating land for public roads and waterways, construction, maintenance and execution of construction works on these roads, public transport facilities and facilities, as well as public communications and signalling;
  • allocating land for railway lines and their construction and maintenance;
  • allocating land for aerodromes, air traffic facilities and facilities, including approach areas, and the construction and operation of these aerodromes and facilities;
  • construction and maintenance of drainage lines, conduits and equipment for the transmission of fluids, steam, gases and electricity, as well as other facilities and equipment necessary for the use of these pipes and equipment;
  • building and maintaining a carbon dioxide transport network;
  • construction and maintenance of public facilities for supplying the public with water, collecting, transporting, treating and discharging wastewater, and recovering and disposing of waste, including landfilling;
  • construction and maintenance of facilities and equipment for environmental protection, reservoirs and other water facilities for water supply, flow regulation and flood protection, as well as regulation and maintenance of water and water melioration facilities;
  • care of monuments;
  • construction and maintenance of premises for offices of authorities, administration, courts and prosecutor's offices, public universities, public schools, state or local government cultural institutions, as well as public health care facilities, kindergartens, nursing homes, care and educational institutions, sports facilities;
  • construction and maintenance of facilities and equipment necessary for the needs of national defence and protection of the state border, as well as to ensure public safety, including the construction and maintenance of detention centres and penitentiaries;
  • prospecting, appraisal and extraction of mineral deposits under mining ownership;
  • exploration or appraisal of underground carbon dioxide storage and underground carbon storage;
  • establishment and maintenance of cemeteries;
  • establishing and protecting places of national remembrance;
  • protection of endangered plant and animal species or natural habitats;
  • allocating land for publicly accessible local government routes, squares, parks, promenades or boulevards, as well as their arrangement, including construction or reconstruction;
  • construction of equipment or structures for the prevention or control of infectious diseases of animals;
  • The duration of a public interest investment may vary. For investments carried out within 12 months – the settlement takes place after the completion of the implementation. For investments carried out over 12 months, it is possible to disburse funds in tranches, which reflect the progress of the work.

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