• Forms of investment - precious metals


    Investments in precious metals are probably one of the oldest forms of capital investment. Raw materials such as gold, silver or platinum have been considered assets of extraordinary value and durability for years. Their versatility and wide application in various branches of the economy makes them very sought-after by investors from all over the world.

  • Forms of investment - new technologies, applications and IT companies


    IT companies that create new technologies and applications are the future. The modern digital world is becoming more and more intertwined with the real one, and the services provided by the network are becoming practically necessary for everyday functioning. Investing in this type of industry is a safe idea for the long-term development of your capital.

  • Forms of investment - precious stones


    Practically everyone has heard about investing in gold today. However, not everyone knows that you can invest your capital in other luxurious specimens - rubies, diamonds, emeralds or sapphires. Market analysis shows that the prices of rare gemstones are steadily increasing, making investing in this market a smart move, especially in a high-inflation environment. However, trading in precious stones can be complicated and requires systematized knowledge. Will online training be enough? Below is an explanation.

  • Forms of investment - Cryptocurrencies


    The cryptocurrency market is perhaps the most controversial, but at the same time dynamic market you can deal with. Its value has already exceeded nearly 1.2 trillion dollars! What's more, cryptocurrencies are not only the well-known Bitcoin. In the world of digital currencies, there are more than 25,000 different projects. There is constant information from many quarters that it is too late to enter the cryptocurrency market. There is an opinion that Bitcoin was worth buying 10 years ago. Is this really true?

  • Forms of investment - Mutual funds


    People who have no experience in investing capital or have very limited time do not have to withdraw from the option to multiply their savings. There are ways on the market to build a portfolio in a virtually maintenance-free way. We are talking about investment funds. What are they and are they safe? Below are the highlights.

  • Forms of investment – stock exchange


    Investing in the stock market brings to mind big money, rapid changes and the sight of serious stockbrokers in suits. However, the reality does not resemble American films to such a large extent. In fact, anyone can invest in the stock market. It's good to have basic knowledge, but you don't have to be a specialist to start your adventure on this path. You won't need a thick wallet either – all you need is a brokerage account and basic capital to get started. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics of the stock market so that you can achieve success and minimize the risk of losses. If you are new to investing, you should visit Webinar Universe. This learning platform provides hands-on training over the internet. Webinar Universe training is also a chance for experienced people to stay up to date with market trends.

  • Forms of investment – investing in bonds


    Investing in bonds is one of the most interesting options for people starting their adventure with investing. Bonds are considered one of the most sensible alternatives to bank deposits and one of the safest ways to multiply capital. Of course, in their case it is not possible to eliminate risk completely, but the desire to profit is inextricably linked to risk. It is worth learning more about the types of bonds, their advantages and disadvantages. Those who want to expand their knowledge should visit Webinar Universe. It is an educational platform that offers training via the Internet. Online training will appeal to people who want to delve into the world of investing but don't have time to attend classroom courses.

  • Forms of investment - Dynamic bank deposits


    Dynamic deposits – also known as progressive deposits – are an innovative banking product that combines the flexibility of saving with potentially higher returns. Unlike traditional deposits, which offer a fixed interest rate for the life of the deposit, dynamic deposits offer a variable interest rate that can go up or down depending on market conditions. What are the risks? How to invest? What are their advantages and disadvantages – this is what the online training courses on Webinar Universe talk about in detail.

  • Forms of Investment - Corporate Loans


    Investing in loans is a kind of replacement for the role of a traditional bank. As it turns out, you don't have to be its owner to be able to make money by making your capital available. This kind of investment of your budget surpluses is a chance for considerable profits. However, security may raise doubts. Below are the most important information about corporate loans.