• Content marketing - running Tinder


    Content marketing is about creating and distributing content to encourage an audience to perform a specific action. It aims to interest the audience, rather than simply getting them to buy or use a particular service. Content takes the form of articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, webinars and social media posts. One of the more interesting applications that can be used in a content marketing strategy. In what way?

  • Social media marketing - what you need to know Part I


    Social media marketing is now one of the most important elements of marketing strategies. Social media is used by many people, giving you the opportunity to reach a wide audience with your message. What is important to know in order to create an effective social marketing strategy?

  • Positioning - the role of key phrases part I


    The aim of positioning is to promote a particular website in Google search. When a key phrase is typed in, the aim is for the page to be displayed as high as possible so that potential customers can easily find it. Positioning consists of a number of different activities, among which an important role is played by the right choice of key phrases.

  • Positioning - the role of tools part I


    Positioning is a process that takes a lot of time and also requires various activities. Sometimes it becomes problematic to monitor the results on your own. What helps here are tools that not only allow you to check your progress, but also help you to develop your next action steps. How big a role do they play in positioning? How do they help? Which tools are worth using?

  • Content marketing - driving Foursquare


    Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves the creation and distribution of valuable, engaging content. It helps to build a positive corporate image, increase recognition and influence audiences. Content marketing uses various channels such as blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, infographics and social media. These days, social media is one of the more popular places where companies actively promote themselves. And while probably nothing beats TikTok, there are other platforms that stand out for their original work. One of these is Foursquare.

  • Positioning - create secure external linking


    Positioning is very important. The high position of a website in the search results helps to attract new customers. It also affects brand recognition and credibility. If a company appears high when a particular keyword is typed in, recipients consider it trustworthy and professional. In order to position a website well, several different actions need to be combined. One of these is external linking. What does this consist of?

  • Positioning - create secure internal linking


    Web positioning consists of a whole group of activities. They are aimed at increasing the visibility of a website in a search engine after entering a given keyword. The aim is to make sure that the user, after entering the keyword, sees the website and visits it. For this to be possible, several different elements need to be combined. One of these is external linking. What exactly does this process involve?

  • Content marketing - running a SlideShare


    Content marketing comes in many forms, so you can easily tailor something to your expectations. Content marketing does not just include blog articles or social media posts. Content also includes YouTube videos or... multimedia presentations. But can they be shared online? Absolutely, there is even a special platform that allows you to publish your slides. We are talking about SlideShare. How do you manage your account on the portal to achieve the best results?

  • Positioning - the role of content marketing


    Content is a king - and for good reason. Well-crafted content provides information, influences brand promotion and increases brand awareness among potential customers. However, it has many more functions. One of them is to support positioning. This process plays a key role from the company's point of view. The higher the position in search results for a given query, the greater the chance that a user will find the page and perhaps take an action on it. Without valuable content, it is difficult to talk about effective SEO. So find out how content marketing supports this process.