• Personal brand - sell yourself


    Do you offer services? Do you run a business and are keen to raise its profile, but under your name? The solution is to develop a personal brand. It's not just about name recognition or company name recognition, it's also about an image that will help you stand out in the market. Making sure it is positive will help you win new customers. How do you take care of your personal brand development?

  • Content marketing – running Quora


    Content marketing involves different types of content. It is not just blog articles or website content, although text is an excellent aid to SEO. Graphics or infographics are also part of content marketing, as are videos. Social media has long played an important role in marketing strategy, but it is not just about the most well-known portals such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. A rather non-obvious service seems to be Quora, a platform where you can ask and answer questions. Quora has interesting marketing potential. How can it be exploited?

  • Positioning - what to do to show up


    Advertising is a lever of commerce. However, its forms are changing over time, with the development of new technologies. In the past, advertising was mainly done through leaflets, banners and posters. The press, radio and television were also used. Today, it is widely recognised that the internet offers the opportunity to reach the largest audience and, importantly, from the right target group. However, internet marketing consists of a number of activities, one of which is positioning.

  • Sponsored article - a form of effective advertising


    A sponsored article is an excellent way to promote a company. It differs from classic advertising and has a chance to attract the recipient's attention, make him or her interested by a dose of factual knowledge instead of mere advertising slogans. Additionally, such an article positively influences the customer's perception of the brand. It can also increase traffic to the company's website. What exactly is a sponsored article and how does it help with advertising?

  • Positioning ... first steps


    Positioning is a concept familiar to anyone who runs a website or just wants to create one. It is a very complex process involving many activities. The objective is one - to stay ahead of the competition and appear as high as possible in Google searches for a given phrase. The process requires regular actions, updates and control, as the effects of actions can change over time - and the competition does not sleep. What else is worth knowing about positioning?

  • Personal brand - use yourself


    Thanks to the ever-evolving dominance of media and social media platforms, we are undeniably currently in the age of the influencer. This means that becoming a face, an ambassador, a friend, a brand representative is easier than ever. Such a manoeuvre pays off for brands and creators alike. However, in order to be a worthy ambassador for a foreign brand, you first have to be the face of yourself! And that requires a bit of planning and strategy first.

  • Secure account - how to protect your social media.


    Many threats await Internet users. Private data left in almost any place on the network is a tasty morsel for cybercriminals. The most valuable are passwords to bank accounts, but also - passwords to e-mail or profiles on social networks. The latter are used to send dangerous and malicious spam. How to protect yourself from this?

  • Social media - how to make a name for yourself on social networks


    Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It is here that we make contact with new people and maintain relationships with those we have already met. We view and post photos of trips, important events. Brands are also present on social media. This is an effective channel to reach new audiences. However, the condition is to gather around the profile people interested in the published materials. But how do you do it? And is it possible to run a business these days without using social media?

  • What next ... how to rebuild a brand after a crisis?


    It is said that mistakes are made by everyone. Anyone can make a mistake, do something wrong. In the case of a company, a mistake can cost it its good image. Crises make customers turn away from a brand, lose trust in it and are less likely to use its services. Does this mean that one crisis equals the downfall of a company? Is there any way to rebuild a positive brand reputation and keep customers coming back?