• Content marketing - running Twitter


    After Facebook, Twitter is the most influential social platform in the world. But is it a good marketing tool? We took the liberty to check it out.

  • Online training - choose your platform


    Online training is becoming more and more popular and influential method of education. With platforms like Webinar Universe you can learn in an accessible way from the comfort of your own home.

  • Advertising... the driving force of commerce


    No matter if you are looking for a way to learn in the Internet if you want to buy new shoes, you will probably meet advertisements for relevant products and services. But what is advertising? What is it about, and what are it's types?

  • Training - how to prepare for it


    Conducting a presentation or a trainig seems easy on the one hand, on the other - not quite. It is not only about enunciation of some content. The important thing is to also engage the recipient and attract his/her interest. How to prepare to conduct a training and what to do to get rid of the stress before a public appearance?

  • Born salesman - how to become one?


    Work in sales may appear easy for some people, while for others quite the opposite. After all, it is about selling a product to the customer and it requires certain abilities. Maybe not everyone has qualifications to sell effectively. Is that so? Is it true that some people are born to be a salesman while others may not be good at this job?

  • Born to be a marketing expert - how to become one?


    Working as a marketing expert is an interesting career path for someone who is not afraid of corporate life, likes to manage projects and engage in creative projects. But how to start working in marketing, how to prepare...and how to start your first campanigns?

  • Content marketing - running Instagram


    Instagram has not only influenced technology, Instagram has changed the world. As the most popular brand on social media to date, Instagram has been a significant force in our lives. In many ways, it defines what a social media platform should look like in general, and also affects both our relationship with technology and with other people.

  • A born marketer - how to become one


    The job of a marketer is an interesting career path for someone who is not afraid of corporate life, likes project management and engaging in creative ventures How to start working in marketing, how to prepare ... and how to create your first campaigns?

  • Training for everyone - how to choose?


    The ever-changing work environment, technological developments, the emergence of new professions - all this means that it is no longer enough just to complete a degree to be successful. Additional commitment is needed, not only at work, but also in your personal life.