• Online campaigns – targeting


    Today, advertising reaches the recipient mainly via the Internet. One thing is certain: skillful targeting and matching the message to the recipients plays a key role here. Online advertising campaigns are a powerful tool that allows you to reach specific groups of people. Let's check what are the key aspects of targeting in online advertising and how to use knowledge about target groups to create personalized and effective campaigns.

  • Campaign on the Internet – what messengers give


    Instant messaging allows you to keep in touch with friends and family around the world, and opens up new opportunities for businesses in the area of promotion and marketing. Ads have appeared in applications of this type recently and are still a novelty. Let's check what tools and forms are available, whether they are effective in building relationships with customers and how to balance the need for promotion with respecting the privacy of users. Can ads in Messenger or WhatsApp be a valuable support for business, or are they a challenge in maintaining positive interaction in the virtual world of communication?

  • Campaign on the Internet – what classic social media give


    Advertising plays a key role in building the success of companies and brands. Social media, due to their growing popularity, have become an inseparable tool in advertising strategies. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube stand out among the available platforms and give marketers many opportunities. Each of them offers unique tools, formats and strategies, which allows a marketer to effectively reach the desired audience. Let's take a closer look at what options these three platforms offer. Let's also check how social media are changing the face of advertising and what benefits they bring to both advertisers and users of these platforms.

  • Blockchain - what's worth knowing? Part VIII - Blockchain versus NFT


    In the world of blockchain technology, one of the latest and most exciting trends is NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens. But what are NFTs, how are they related to blockchain technology and what potential applications do they have? This section provides useful information on NFTs and their relationship to blockchain technology. To develop your knowledge of cryptocurrencies, you may want to sign up for an online training course through the Webinar Universe platform.

  • Blockchain - what is worth knowing? Part VII - security


    In today's almost fully digital world, where data is becoming an increasingly precious resource, security is a key component of any technology. Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, is often praised for its unique security properties. But how exactly does blockchain provide security and what are its potential weaknesses? In this part of the Blockchain article series, the focus is on security. It will discuss how blockchain provides security, the potential weaknesses of the technology and best practices related to blockchain security. There is also an analysis of the future of security in blockchain technology and the potential implications of this....

  • Blockchain - what's worth knowing? Part VI - technology in cryptocurrencies


    In a technological world where innovation is the order of the day, one of the most groundbreaking discoveries of recent years is blockchain technology. This technology, which has become the basis for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others, is transforming not only the way financial transactions are carried out, but also many other aspects of life. This section provides essential information about blockchain technology, particularly in the context of its application to cryptocurrencies. However, to develop your knowledge of cryptocurrencies, you may want to visit the Webinar Universe platform.

  • Blockchain - what's worth knowing? Part V - history


    Blockchain technology, although primarily associated with cryptocurrencies and the financial market, has gained widespread use in various areas of life in recent years. Its decentralised and reliable nature is attracting more and more supporters, and the possibilities it opens up seem endless. To begin with, it is worth taking a closer look at its origins. Online learning on the Webinar Universe training platform will include the history of blockchain and other interesting and useful materials.

  • Blockchain - what is worth knowing? Part IV - types


    Blockchain is an innovative technology for storing and transmitting information about transactions made on the internet. The main essence of its operation is to maintain a common, collective ledger in a digital, network-distributed form. Blockchain is used to handle transactions related to e-commerce, currencies, shares or stocks. We can deal with three main types of it: public, private and federated. The Webinar Universe training platform provides a comprehensive overview of this subject.

  • Blockchain - what is worth knowing? Part III - application


    Blockchain is a decentralised, transparent technology that can be used in many different sectors. It is a leading technology trend that has the potential to impact the way businesses operate and improve everyone's lives in the near future. The Webinar Universe training platform is an excellent way to gain a comprehensive understanding of the blockchain issue.