• Investment strategies – what else should you know?


    When starting your adventure with investing, it is important to understand the diversity that exists in the market. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the benefits and risks of a given strategy.

  • Investment portfolio - what should you know?


    In the ever-evolving world of finance, an investment portfolio plays an important role, which can be the key to achieving financial success. Why...?

  • CFDs – What Do You Need to Know?


    More and more people are interested in investing their funds, because multiplying their capital can provide better losses to loved ones and create the so-called safety umbrella. Unfortunately, bank deposits or other forms of savings offered by banks are becoming less and less attractive, hence the search for alternative options. One of them is CFDs, which can be suitable for beginners and experienced people.

  • CDF contracts – what should you also know?

    in 26-04-2024

    Contracts for difference are popular financial instruments in which an increasing number of people are investing. This is related to the possibility of obtaining considerable profits, while limiting the use of one's own capital. This means that virtually anyone can invest in CFDs.

  • Leverage – that's also good to know

    in 19-04-2024

    Investing funds can bring profits, especially when we have a large amount of our own capital. However, it turns out that if you want to invest more capital, e.g. on the currency market, it is possible to use financial leverage, which has changed significantly over the years.

  • Leverage – what do you need to know?

    in 12-04-2024

    The market offers a wide range of investment financing options. Any person who wants to multiply their capital can choose to invest in financial instruments. Once you have decided on a specific way of multiplying your capital on the foreign exchange market, it is possible to take advantage of helpful financing, which is financial leverage.

  • The forex market and its basics – what should you know?

    in 05-04-2024

    The forex market is one of the largest financial markets for investing in currencies from all over the world. Anyone can invest in the market, provided that they learn the principles of investing and understand the essence of the currency market. Therefore, if you want to start investing in currencies, it is worth first getting to know the characteristics of the market and understand the most important rules.

  • Investing and its purpose


    Investing is not the same as saving. While the latter aims to accumulate and set aside financial resources for the future, investing seeks to increase the nominal value of the funds and thus their purchasing power. The basic price of an investment is simply the profit that can be made using an acceptable risk.

  • Forms of investment - bank deposits


    A bank deposit is definitely one of the most frequently chosen forms of saving money. It is easy to use, does not involve complicated conditions, does not require large expenditures or advanced knowledge in the field of investing. But is it profitable? Is it possible to lose money on a deposit? Below are the highlights.