• Get motivated - how to get motivated for life


    Sometimes in everyone's life there comes a moment when it is difficult to get motivated to change. The current situation weighs down, the job does not suit, the place of residence is not the one dreamed of, but there is a lack of strength to do something about it. There is no motivation. Is it possible to overcome this weakness and mobilize to arrange life in a different way?

  • Get motivated - how to motivate yourself to work


    Lack of motivation to work happens to everyone. There is a problem with completing even non-difficult tasks that should normally take a few hours, but end up being stretched to a whole day. It is difficult to start the activity, and then - it is easy to get distracted. Plus fatigue, discouragement and problems with concentration. Is it possible to fight this? How to find the motivation to work?

  • Get motivated - how to motivate yourself to exercise


    "I'll start in the new year." "I'll start tomorrow." "I'll start on Monday." These are some of the most popular promises we make to ourselves when we want to change something in our lives. Most often, they involve starting to exercise in order to lose excess pounds. It's common knowledge that the hardest thing to do is getting started, we tend to put off training, coming up with all sorts of excuses. Sometimes it's hard to motivate ourselves, but there are ways to finally get up off the couch and make a habit of exercising regularly. The same goes for any other habit, such as courses on an educational platform such as Webinar Universe.

  • Get motivated - how to motivate employees


    A reliably working team is the key - without it, even the best-planned project can end in failure. A good employee is a motivated employee, but motivating subordinates is a problematic issue and not at all easy. In order to encourage the team to act, it is worth reaching for proven methods of motivation, which will help not only to work more efficiently, but also to encourage participation in training courses on an educational platform or organized by the company.

  • Content marketing - running linedin


    LinkedIn is a social media platform aimed at professionals. It allows you to network and build a professional portfolio, but also to look for a new job. Professionals who have been in business for decades use LinkedIn, as do recent college graduates. Employers and recruiters who are looking for job candidates also use it.

  • Content marketing - running a tiktok


    What is TikTok, how does it work, is it worth your time and finally: can you use it for marketing? Today we'll answer all the questions you might have about TikTok.

  • Content marketing - running YouTube


    YouTube started in early 2005 and quickly gained popularity. Every minute, people from all over the world upload over 300 hours of video content to YouTube. How do you stand out on YouTube and is it a good platform to promote your brand?

  • The Internet - global threats


    The Internet has turned our existence upside down. It has revolutionized communication to such an extent that it is now our preferred means of everyday communication. We use the Internet in almost everything we do. Ordering a pizza, buying a TV, sharing a moment with a friend, sending a picture via instant messenger.

  • Basic mistakes - how not to burn your brand down


    In the democratizing arena that is the internet, starting your own brand is easier than ever. It often only takes a single viral post or an active media community to face thousands of followers. But no matter how many people read our posts, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and internet users are increasingly likely to point them out and have higher expectations for accounts with larger audiences. How a brand or company handles (or fails to handle) the inevitable gaffe can often quickly determine its fate. So how do you not burn your brand and deal with crises? It's worth learning how to prepare a good plan, for example, using online training.